DLT in the real world

The number of live usage cases of DLT in our industry has doubled since 2020 - with 8% of the market now live on this new technology. We're resourcing more and bringing more DLT pilots to market - but with concerns around security and resourcing, how is the industry managing their DLT transformation today?

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DLT in the Real World 2021: Fixed Income is the core target for DLT today

All classes of fixed income securities (vanilla debt, green bonds, Islamic bonds, loans and private debt) are capturing the attention of CSDs and DLT operators around the world.

DLT in the Real World 2021: Digital assets and crypto lead the live deployments

Digital assets (notably securities issuance) are emerging as the leading usage case for DLT – encompassing many other areas of the trade cycle. Crypto is gaining in importance and is a critical learning point for many firms as they look to operationalise DLT in their worlds. But experimentation and niche usage cases continue across the buy- and sell-sides.

DLT in the Real World 2021: 200% growth in live cases

With twice as many live cases as 2020, we’re clearly gaining momentum in our DLT deployment. But with the number of pilots and planned projects still stable, does that mean that our success rate from pilots is growing? Are we getting better at planning and managing our DLT experiments – so that more turn up as live projects?

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DLT in the Real World: Key Findings from our 2021 research explained

A year is a long time in DLT - so what have we learned about deploying DLT in our world in 2021?

12-months on from our initial "DLT in the Real World" survey with ISSA, we gather the same specialists (Colin Parry of ISSA; Urs Sauer of SIX; and Glen Fernandes of Euroclear) to discuss the practicalities of DLT usage today.

Full Key Findings

Download the key statistical insights from our industry-wide research here

DLT in the Real World

the ValueExchange's Key Findings from 2020 explained



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