the case for transformation

#theValueExchange works across the financial services community to make a quantitative, industry-based case for transformation.

Whether you’re a broker dealer looking to build an investment plan for the year ahead, a fund manager CEO looking to decide where to build a competitive edge or a technology company looking to commercialise your next big product launch, #thevx is here to provide data-based insights that will help you make the right case for change.

Partnering extensively with industry leaders and associations across the globe, our aim is not just to help answer your business questions, but also to make sure that our statistical insights support advocacy on leading themes and industry pressure areas.

Where is the VX making the case for transformation today?

How can we build scale into a USD5m, manual business today?

Download the latest findings from our "Reimagining the Corporate Actions Operating Model" research

How can the VX help you?


leverage our extensive library of research data to help build your next business case for change


profile your peers and your customers on key themes - to understand who is taking what steps and why.


cooperate with other industry leaders to drive the industry debate

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AIM is being used by The Value Exchange’s Partners to generate many opportunities.

By generating Opportunities, our partners are leveraging the detailed market, customer and business insights that we deliver every day for their businesses.

Visualise and understand how you are interacting with your clients – and understand what those interactions are telling you

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